As Splinter Group enthusiastically embarks on our third season we have a lot to be thankful for. Mainly we are thankful to the passionate artists and theatre goers in the Milwaukee area. The generosity of spirit among the various theatres in Milwaukee is inspiring and we are glad that Splinter Group is beginning to thrive in our little space in St. Francis. We remain committed to new work and will be producing at least one World Premiere each year. We especially like to work on projects that everyone on the creative team feels passionate about.

As we’ve said in the past, we won’t pick shows with ticket sales as the main criteria for success, instead we try to foster that elusive feeling of humanness that seems so rare in today’s society. While there are countless ways we live “connected” to each other these days (Facebook, the internet and instant messaging) these fleeting electronic connections can feel hollow and artificial. We offer the chance to come off the grid for a spell. We believe that when we take an hour or two to come into an intimate theatre and really be present in the moment with a group of passionate artists – – – magic can happen. For a fleeting moment we can connect to something that feels human. That is the experience that Splinter Group strives to give our audiences.

Our aesthetic continues to skew toward the working man in a complicated world and we have a special soft-spot for people overcoming great odds to evolve in some way. Working class folk doing their best to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to make a positive change are our heroes. We want to bring these stories and feelings to you in surprising and refreshing ways.

So come on down and immerse yourself in something with us. We will do our best to make it worth your while.

Jim Farrell, Artistic Director

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  • Alan Gold October 15, 2014

    I just closed a play I produced and wrote called PolicyLand. It was an independent production that was very well received in Madison and would like to have it remounted in Milwaukee. I believe it fits in with your aesthetic of the struggling individual battling society, and letting the director and actors enhance the script with their own ideas. If interested, I have a DVD of the production, and you can see how the script presented on stage varied from the script on the page, and I as playwright and producer was happy to let the cast and director run with it.
    Alan Gold


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