January 2014

The prophecies foretell great humor in Splinter Group's "Trailer Park"

By Dave Begel,

Sometimes, no matter where you turn, someone else is there, keeping you warm or smothering you, watching you grow or keeping you a baby, protecting you or letting you fly free.

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Splinter Group's second show puts spotlight on a trailer park psychic

By Matt Mueller,

Opening a new theater company can be a risky proposal, especially in a city like Milwaukee, where the generally older-skewing audience likely has their particular set of established companies and productions they’ve come to trust over the years.

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Behind the scenes look at second production from Splinter Group

Courtesy of

Chip checks out Splinter Group, a brand new theatre group being run out of the Marian Center. The group is about to launch their second production and Chip is getting a behind the scenes look.

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